Paper: Processing in (linear) Systems with Stochastic Input

The paper provides a different approach to real world systems, such as micro and macro systems of our real life, where man has little or no influence on the system, either not knowing the rules of the respective system or not knowing the input of the system, being thus mainly only spectator of the system’s output. The publication is providing a new approach, mostly based on the theory related to Schrödinger’s equation and the wave function associated with the respective quantum phenomena. Using such an approach, the theory pertaining to quantum scale micro systems could be taken and used to explain also facts pertaining to real world macro system with stochastic (that is to say with non deterministic) input. It represents a different further step to link normal scale and quantum scale phenomena, but also systemize it, and by doing so, brings additional rationality and order in the fuzzy and spooky world of quantum phenomena

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