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This section comprises author’s most representative scientific papers. The author has published them within various conferences or journals. These were either national and international scientific conferences or scientific journals

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On the Dynamics of Shaping. The Generalization of the Morphogenesis

Fractals, the missing Link between Certainty and Uncertainty

Mathematical Models for the common Features of Quantum Scale and Normal Scale Phenomena

Consequences of non Emptiness of the Space and of the Inexistence of the Space Vacuum

Applying Taguchi Method for Control Parameters of an Induction Motor

Microelectronics and Nanotechnology and the fractal/like Structure of Information, Knowledge and Science

Processing in (linear) Systems with Stochastic Input

Perspectives on Advanced and Basic Engineering Technologies

Information Technology and Workflow Technology for Enhancement and Strengthening of Companies in the Maritime Sector

Multivariate Analysis of Some Important Parameters of Electrical Machines

Factorial Analysis and Principal Component Analysis for Measured Values of Squirrel Cage Induction Motor Parameters

Quality Measurement and Assessment

Statistical Process Control Applied in Analysis of Defects in Asynchronous Electrical Machines

Regression and Anova for a Set of Data

Metoda Analizei Valorii de Utilitate. Analiza Factoriala a Caracteristicilor de Calitate