Paper: Fractals, the Missing Link between Certainty and Uncertainty

The facts and results in this paper are assuming two different dynamics of fractals’ shapes. The first one is created within of fractals with uncorrelated coordinates of the two/dimensional fractal’s shape. This case cannot be associated with the process of morphogenesis, since the process of morphogenesis is assuming a correlation between the two coordinates.

The other type of fractals’ shapes is dealing with the case of correlated coordinates in the process of fractal’s shaping, and is thus assuming an interaction between the coordinates. This correlation can only be caused by subtle interactions between the physical quantities generating the respective shape, and hence, this case could be linked with the process of morphogenesis.

The paper has the aim to explain the dynamics of the fractal’s shape, based only on these relations between the coordinates of the shape, using analysis in both, time and spectral domain.

While the process of morphogenesis, as thought and described by A Turing is seeking to identify and to make accountable for shaping, subtle causes of interaction between physical quantities (morphogens) underlying to the respective shaping processes, the present paper is dealing only with the visible results, namely the coordinates of the respective shapes

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