Paper: Expanding on the Concept of Quality

This paper expands on the concept of quality and links it with the concept of fractal by means of Theory of secrecy, taking into account that the additive model of quality has virtually the same mathematical expression as one of the models presented by C. E. Shannon in his work regarding Theory of secrecy. Based on the theory of Shannon, a possible enciphering model is constructed. This model generated to implement the theory of Shannon is explained for the general case and then based on this, a particular model is presented. This particular model is then approached using a set of C++ subroutines which implement the subject model. This paper shows that, if quality evolution is properly analyzed, quality could be to a certain extent, also predicted. Furthermore, this prediction of quality can be used in a more general way, namely to predict evolution in a structure exhibiting more features or dimensions, such as, for example, a fractal structure

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