Science & Research: Science should be available to anyone who wants to Research

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Science & Research, the project originated and promoted by Euro Support, is addressing some of the most important present issues of nowadays’ science and is offering to you permanently updated scientific content, free of charge

Present day science has changed a lot in comparison to science of yesterday. Nowadays’ science has become more accessible and in the future should be even more accessible than already it is these days. This project makes a step forward in this direction, by making science more free and more available to anyone who wants to research.

Many years ago now, as I tried to search for scientific material which interested me and could have helped me to become better in what I intended and wanted to do, I was amazed that much of the scientific content I have searched for and found was only available against payment. That has led me to the idea of the website Science & Research, where I have presented the scientific content created by myself, free of charge, hoping to help those eager and searching for science as I was myself some time ago.

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