Paper: Microelectronics and Nanotechnology and Fractal/like Structure of Information, Knowledge and Science

The publication is about discovery and evolution of new sciences pertaining and related to microelectronics and nanotechnology and about the view on science of the future as compared to science of the past. The publication is important because it gives firstly a perspective about the fields of the microelectronics and nanotechnology resuming their history, how they emerged and evolved and what are next future steps in their evolution, what is the classification and applications of them. Secondly, the more original part of the publication is about the relation between fractals and theory of fractals, and how these could be successfully applied in order to generate new information, science and knowledge. The publication has been generated based on the fact that nowadays’ science (whereas microelectronics and nanotechnology are both pertaining to this present day science) is a multidimensional structure resulted from multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary worldview on sciences and the evolution of this multidimensional structure could be explained studying the evolution of dynamic systems, such as fractals

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