Paper: Governing Dynamics in Complex Systems using Big Data Information

God has given us an almost perfect home planet to live on. Since then, man has continuously chosen to spoil and poison it through his actions and overuse of resources. Science should now help to repair damages thus inflicted upon our planet. This paper presents different dynamics of a complex economic system, based on certain assumptions made within each of the presented models. The assumptions used allow estimating and forecasting the evolution of the respective complex economic system. This estimation can be made in the “classical” way, which is to say without the use of big data, in which case the results are more prone to errors or by collecting big data, which delivers a much more accurate estimation of the evolution of the complex systems. Throughout this paper the term “with sustainable growth” means “ecological growth” and it refers to durable economic systems where the environmental issues are taken into consideration, whereas the term “without sustainable growth” or “conventional growth” refers to the economic systems where the environmental issues are not taken into account.

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