Paper: Communication with Nature based on a Combined Multiplicative/Additive Encryption Model

This paper constructs a model of communication with Nature, but also expands on the concept of fractal and thus continues the work developed in another paper presented within the same Conference. Main idea of this paper is that, if and only if a Golden Number or a Golden Function or Rule which governs some of the natural processes does really exist and somehow Nature would show availability to communicate with us, the respective rule may be much more complicated than originally thought, in order to more extensively explain Nature. Such a complicated rule may then be based not only on a single number or function, but on a procedure or rule containing a set of various different functions. This paper presents an algorithmic model to search for a certain specific procedure which could be fitted to natural or even abstract processes, in order to predict their evolution, based on a structure with multiple recursive rules. This structure presented in paper attempts to anticipate and guess the moves of Nature and is actually a generalization of the concept of fractal. Since ages, man was fascinated by the existence of a Golden Number or Golden Section which could explain all shapes, phenomena and happenings in Nature. Unfortunately, experience and interaction with nature has shown that this originally thought magic number, occurs much rarely in Nature than initially believed and his occurrence has been considerably overestimated and many time forced, such as will be also presented in this paper. In search for a generally valid existing rule, this paper attempts, based on a special model which will be explained and applied by means of this paper, to extend and to expand the concept of fractal. Consequently, an algorithm is generated in MATLAB or Octave software which actually implements the above mentioned model.

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