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Science & Research: Science should be available to anyone who wants to Research

Science & Research also provides science and research consulting for undergraduate and graduate students, MS students and PhD candidates. These science and research consulting services we offer are based on an extensive experience regarding writing of scientific works, either scientific papers, reviews or other type of scientific work. The science and research services we provide are either free services which can be accessed by visiting our free content in Science&, or payable consulting services such as the Learning Package “How to Write Scientific Works”, or only the eBook for the Learning Package “How to Write Scientific Works”

Through this contact page of our website, you can access the paid products/services we provide:

1.Book “Environmental, Climate and Resource Issues on Earth. Governing Dynamics in Complex Systems”: DETAILS / ORDER!

2.Book “Links between Normal Scale and Small Scale Phenomena”: DETAILS / ORDER!

3.Book “Religious Belief, Scientific Reasoning, Climate Issues and Manmade Disasters on Earth”: DETAILS / ORDER!

4.Learning Package “How to Write Scientific Works” (comprising the eBook designed to support the package and seven live, one on one, online lessons, of 30 minutes each) Price: 300 euro: DETAILS / ORDER!

5.eBook for the Learning Package (only the eBook for the package, without the 7 one to one, live online lessons) Price: 70 euro: DETAILS / ORDER!

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We use resources received within this project for science and education purposes. One of them is to develop one further project of us

For donation purposes or if you want to buy our paid services, for payment details, if you have questions regarding our Products&Services or questions related to orders or to products and services already ordered, please feel free to contact us at the email address:

If you have received our email: Pay now through Paypal or Payoneer