Paper: On the Dynamics of Shaping. The Generalization of Morphogenesis

This paper aims to extend the concept of morphogenesis, such as introduced and described by A. Turing. The paper explains how the process of morphogenesis could be used for both, very large scale and very small scale phenomena.

The generalization of the process of morphogenesis is going to be made twofold: by addressing both, certain very large on one hand, and certain very small scale phenomena, on the other.

Based on dependencies and relationships between features of both types of phenomena, the paper explains why the concept and principles of morphogenesis can be applied in their generalized forms.

The generalization presented in the paper will also identify main issues to be dealt with, when trying to apply the respective generalizations. The paper has been rewarded with the BEST PAPER AWARD within one of the main International Scientific Events held in Constanta, International Conference of the International Society for Optics and Photonics (SPIE), ATOMN 2020

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